Фасад здания

Hostel in the translation from English - a hostel, but not quite familiar to the Russian people.

In fact, it is a small economy-class hotel has rooms of different sizes from 2 to 8 people. Hostel "Petersburg Yard" is located on Moskovsky Prospekt, in a quiet green courtyard. The rooms overlook the courtyard, which provides a quiet and an opportunity to relax from the hustle of the city.

The hostel is located five minutes from the metro station "Electrosila", "Park Pobedy", allowing you to quickly and easily get to anywhere in the city, including the airport, located just 20 minutes away. It is also located in close proximity to Park Pobedy, a sports and concert complex "St. Petersburg", a monument to "Breaking the Ring."

The concept of hostel is inextricably linked to the phenomenon as a hostel, a movement that unites all the traveling supporters "savages," regardless of their nationality, religion or any political opinion. Today hostels are not just in Europe but also in such relatively exotic countries such as India, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Taiwan. Are they even in South Africa. Typically, the main customers are students hostel. But this does not mean that other social categories they do nothing. This hostel is very stable democratic atmosphere prevails, so students without too much trouble finding a common language, even with lonely strangers who may be older than they are not for another decade. As they say, stranger with a stranger is always there to talk about.